Gold Jewelry

Gold Benefits

“The water is better, but the gold shines like the fire burning in the night, supreme of the noble wealth”. Thus spoke the ancient Greek lyric poet Pindar.

One has to agree and ask. What is the attraction of gold that has remained the most valuable and venerated metal since antiquity to the present day? In jewelry circuits, gold is always the new black. Having a heart of gold is splendid, but having a box full of gold jewelry is even more splendid. In addition to being an eternal ornament, it is believed that gold has special properties that are beneficial to the user.

In other words, fashion, weddings and parties is where gold gets its decorative, artistic and resplendent expression, but there is a deeper and more significant meaning that gold jewelry entails. You would be surprised to discover the many benefits of gold.

It is believed that gold has healing qualities or pure vibrations that help to rebalance unbalanced energy fields. When gold is mixed with other alloys, it loses some of its power, which is why 24-karat gold was used medicinally to heal wounds in the ancient era. It is even believed that Cleopatra used gold as a rejuvenating mask to combat aging.

Ancient astrological beliefs claim that gold can help unblock the restricted flow of blood in the body and facilitate a healthier blood flow throughout the body.
It is known that the heat of gold relaxes the tissue and, therefore, heals the injured area, which facilitates a faster healing process.
Gold nanocrystals are used to treat multiple sclerosis. It is known that gold helps the healing of arthritis, skin cancer, blood disorders and even spinal conditions.
The properties of gold help to heal the nervous system and the endocrine system.
New Age followers believe that using gold can help cure indigestion, mental stress and respiratory problems because gold is associated with the sacral chakra that helps transmit communication from the mind to the body and vice versa.
It is known that gold regulates body temperature, thus benefiting anyone suffering from chills or nighttime hot flashes.
Acupuncturists use gold-tipped needles to unblock the flow of energy and relieve pain. Alternative healers use golden colored crystals to heal minor pains and pains in the body.

Colloidal gold is the suspension of gold nanoparticles in a liquid, usually water. Its color is deep red or dark brown. People use it as a natural supplement to improve creativity, eye-hand coordination, treat depression, help heal arthritis and tumors and improve memory. It has anti-inflammatory properties to cure swelling and relieve pain.

Vedic science, Egyptian alchemy and other cultures of the world have highly praised the positive energy of gold that purifies energy fields and mental forms. He is considered a driver of higher energy. It is said to bring peace of mind, emotional stability and long-term happiness. It is supposed to be a connection with the “divine consciousness”.

Essentially, using gold will not cure each and every one of the ailments completely, but the presence of gold in the skin will help in the healing process and, because of its warm vibrations at an energetic level, the gold will function as a preventive shield. The benefits are subtle, not direct or immediate. Its non-toxic elements make it even more desirable to use.


  • Relieve stress and depression
  • Activate and erase the third eye chakra and the heart chakra
  • Reduce emotional conflict
  • Attract wealth and positivity
  • Keep out negative entities and attacks
  • Balance the creative and logical aspects of the brain