Fashion Jewelry

Earrings according to your style

The earrings have to go according to your personal style when dressing. It does not make sense to wear pink flower earrings if your style is gothic or tacks if you like to go with romantic skirts. So, when you go to buy your earrings let yourself be guided by your tastes and choose those that call your attention. Most likely, these will be the ones that best match your clothes.

By the way, should we combine the earrings with the color of our clothes? Not necessarily. But, as we say, they should combine with your style and adapt to the situation in the same way that you are not dressed the same to go to work every morning as to go out to party.

One of the elements of your clothes that should determine if you choose a jewel or another is the neckline. For example, with the v-necklines stick the elongated and thin earrings, provided they are not too excessive. If you like accessories of many colors, bright and of a considerable size, use more shirts and dresses with wide necklines as the word of honor or the boat. In this sense, in the absence of cleavage, ie with a high or turned neck, we recommend that you use small earrings attached to the ear.